I have been a parent and coach at Aces since day one, and I am proud to be a part of what has quickly become one of the best run and most successful travel organizations on the east coast - AARON POWERS, YOUTH PARENT

Playing for the Aces was a life changing experience. I was fortunate enough to build a brotherhood with my teammates that will last a lifetime. If it wasn’t for the Aces, I wouldn’t be where I am today - DMITRI FLOYD, ALUMNI PLAYER

For some kids baseball is life. Now five years and counting, Delmarva Aces surpasses the needs of my baseball boy through top notch pitching instruction, academies, renowned catching camps and a solid team that is family. Trust in Delmarva Aces! - AIMEE BERGONIA, YOUTH PARENT

We joined the Delmarva Aces a few years ago and haven’t had one regret. With top-notch training, Dave Whigham brings the most advanced technology to the training process. The diversified talents of the coaching staff make for a winning combination. - LYNIER LINTON, YOUTH PARENT

The Aces are a great organization. The events they run are structured and run professionally. The program is constantly putting out players that are fundamentally sound. Their coaching staff is organized and are very knowledgeable about player development - FRANK SZYMANSKI, COLLEGE COACH

The Delmarva Aces is a top notch travel baseball program. Their commitment to developing well-rounded players on and off the field is obvious. I applaud them for participating in competitive tournaments up and down the East Coast - DAWN CONWAY, YOUTH PARENT

Coaching with the Delmarva Aces has allowed me the opportunity to pass on my knowledge of the greatest game in the world. I love the opportunity to not only teach baseball, but set a good example for these athletes to become good-standing young men - NICK FORBUSH, YOUTH COACH

Our family has been with the Aces for the last 5 years.  Every coach we have come into contact with has gone above and beyond what is expected.  The organization has the players best interest at heart. They are a family and that makes all the difference; from the coaches to the staff, players and parents. Both of my sons are proud Aces players and will remain so until they hang up their cleats - JENNY CORDREY, YOUTH PARENT

The Delmarva Aces are hands down the best baseball club that my son has ever played for! Dave Whigham has been instrumental in making contact with recruiters to get my son seen. My son wouldn't be playing for Penn State without the Aces nurturing his love of the game and taking a true interest in seeing him succeed! - STEPHANIE UNDERWOOD, ALUMNI PARENT

Great facility, great coaching staff. The Aces have everything a player would need to go to the next level. It’s a family environment where everyone feels welcome. No where I’d rather be than with the Aces - ALEX SMOOT, SHOWCASE PLAYER

The Delmarva Aces is the best youth organization on the East Coast. From the baseball instruction to the programs they offer and to all the staff, we couldn’t be happier. Our son has become a force to reckon with in pitching, fielding and hitting. We can’t live without the Delmarva Aces - BILL BAKER, YOUTH PARENT

“Dave Whigham and his Aces staff were instrumental in preparing my son for the next level. From the very beginning, the focus was on developing my son as a player and as a person of good character on and off the field. I couldn’t be more appreciative of the foundation they gave my son to play at the United States Naval Academy. Go Aces and Go Navy - KIRK SMITH, ALUMNI PARENT 

In 2017, my family relocated to Ocean Pines, and I worried about how my children would handle it, especially my 7 year old son.  Jameson has found his home with the Aces. He is having the time of his life with his best friends.  We are part of a family at the Aces, and we love it! - ANDREA CLYMIRE, YOUTH PARENT

For the past two seasons, I've had the opportunity to play for the Aces Over-40 team. This has been a great experience. The organization is exceptional and the facility is top notch. Being able to play baseball at 44 is so much fun. Very thankful to the Aces for having an Over-40 team! - JASON HILBERT, OVER-40 PLAYER

Delmarva Aces has been the best decision for our sons! The organization prides itself with teaching fundamentals while instilling hard work and determination. The winter academy is by far the best in the area. All instructors have our boys’ best interests at heart. - CHRISTI WITT, YOUTH PARENT

Our son has a number,  but he's not just a number with the Aces!  The organization genuinely appreciates his dedication.  They not only develop their players but also develop relationships.  We wish we had joined the Aces sooner! - MIKE KELLY, YOUTH PARENT

Coach Dave and everyone a part of the Aces organization has shown me the attention and given me their time to allow me to grow as a player. They’ve allowed me to become a part of a family. - CALVIN LORANCE, SHOWCASE PLAYER 

Delmarva Aces is more than just baseball. They build character, relationships, leadership skills and training programs. Garrett has taken our son Gage to the next level, while also giving him the understanding and confidence needed to achieve his goals - KRISTEN JOSEPH, SHOWCASE PARENT