The Official Home Of The Delmarva Aces

The Aces Indoor Training Facility is the official home of the Delmarva Aces Baseball & Softball, Inc. The facility features just under 10,000 square-feet of space with 20-ft. ceiling and an entire upstairs area with offices and an observatory deck. The building is the home to 27 teams and 300+ players in 2023-24. Nearly 8,000 ft. of customized athletic turf covers the facility with four batting cages, six pitching mounds and a full infield area.

The cage/lounge room features one batting cage, a college commit plaque wall, two plyoball walls and just over 1,000 square feet of athletic turf. The area also has a couch and several areas of seating to observe training.

The building has large parent area up front with two windows to see all of the training. The front area has acrylic orange/black floors, two bathrooms, several couches, a TV and two water drinking fountains. The area is the home of our Winter Academy and hosts camps, private lessons and indoor scrimmages.