The Official Home Of The Delmarva Aces

The Aces Indoor Training Facility is the official home of the Delmarva Aces Baseball & Softball, Inc. The facility features 15,000 square-feet of space with 35-ft. ceiling and two buildings. It is the home to 24 teams and 300+ players in 2017-18. Nearly 8,000 ft. of AstoTurf covers the facility with four batting cages, eight pitching mounds, two bathrooms and a full infield area. Check out our Hittrax located in the front cage as well!

It offers a 5,500 square-foot area in the front with an Athletic Performance & Development area. The area houses a  65' x 20' ft cage that is used for live BP and open hitting. There is also a 40' x 10' cage towards the west side of the room. The area also has an office, merchandise selling station and parent seating area.

The side room is our newly built weight room, which has weight machines, free weights, built in free bars and an abdominal/stretching area. Loaded up with versatility and options to get stronger. The area has a music sound system and is the perfect place for after practice workout routines with our Strength & Conditioning Director.

Recently, the Aces added an outdoor cage and pitching mound to the facility. The cage and mound are located on the west side of the area, where players can use as a spillover area. It can be used at night as well as lighting has recently been put out to give players another area to train.

The Aces Indoor Training Facility has a very spacious 8,000 square-feet area in the back covered almost entirely in AstoTurf. The area has two large batting cages (each 70ft long ) with eight pitching mounds and a large fielding area. A set of bleachers accommodates parents and is protected by a net for errant balls. It is the home of our Winter Academy and hosts camps, private lessons and indoor scrimmages.