As the founder of the Delmarva Aces, I have some very exciting news to share with you.

On July 2, 2014, the Delmarva Aces were born behind my vision to create a youth baseball program that would make a lasting impact here on Delmarva. The mission was to combine an innovative training experience that would bring youth baseball to a level that the Delmarva peninsula had never seen before. I took a chance, put my all into it and turned an old fashioned Budweiser factory into what we know as our current baseball home.  I must say that this dream has flourished to a place that I had only hoped it could one day.

Over the course of the last nine years, we have had some amazing coaches, players and parents to make this dream a reality and make the Delmarva Aces what we know it to be today. Our home on Grays Corner Road has provided hundreds of players an opportunity to learn, develop and train year-round. This spot has been exactly what the Aces have needed to help us grow, but as you know, we have had our fair share of hurdles with the current building.

After months of searching, planning and deliberating, I am proud to announce that it is time for the Aces to have a place of their own.

Say hello to the Delmarva Aces Baseball Complex, located on Rt. 113 and Hammond Road in Bishopville, MD. This complex will be on 6.1 acres of land with the ground work projected to begin next month.

The large multi-purpose area will feature a 7,500 square foot usage area with two 70-foot retractable cages, a pitching area with five mounds and a large open multi-purpose training spot. There will be an additional area of the building for a parent observatory room with glass viewing, while the other side has a lounge with two batting cages, three couches and two TVs.

The hope for the long-term scale of this project is to also include adding an outdoor little league baseball field, an outdoor major league infield and an additional building mirroring the original.

The building is expected to be ready by October 1st of this year. Please stay tuned for further details.


Dave Whigham
Founder/President, Delmarva Aces