SATURDAY                   SUNDAY              
7:00 AM BP 23N All 7:00 AM BP 24N All
7:20 AM BP 23A All 7:20 AM BP 16E All
7:50 AM I/O 23N 23A All 8:00 AM GAME 24N 16E All
8:00 AM GAME 23N 23A All 8:40 AM BP 23N DVU Essex Salis
8:45 AM BP 23A CNU Goldey Essex 9:05 AM BP 22A Immac Eastern Sciences
9:10 AM BP 24N Del Tech PSU NK Salis 9:45 AM GAME 23N 22A All
9:50 AM I/O 23A 24N All 10:25 AM BP 16E Del Tech WAC Goldey
10:00 AM GAME 23A 24N All 10:50 AM BP 23A VWU SMC CNU
10:45 AM BP 24N VWU SMC Blooms 11:30 AM GAME 16E 23A All
11:10 AM BP 23N WAC Immac Sciences 12:10 PM BP 21S SMC DVU Goldey
11:50 AM I/O 24N 23N All 12:35 PM BP 17UP Essex Salis Eastern
12:00 PM GAME 24N 23N All 1:15 PM GAME 21S 17UP All
12:45 PM BP BSC All 1:55 PM BP 22A Sciences VWU DVU
1:10 PM BP 21S CNU Blooms Del Tech 2:20 PM BP 17UP Immac SMC Del Tech
1:50 PM I/O BSC 21S All 3:00 PM GAME 22A 17UP All
2:00 PM GAME BSC 21S All 3:40 PM BP 22N CNU Goldey WAC
2:45 PM BP 22N Immac PSU NK DVU 4:05 PM BP 21S Eastern VWU Salis
3:10 PM BP BSC All 4:45 PM GAME 22N 21S All
3:50 PM I/O 22N BSC All
4:00 PM GAME 22N BSC All
4:45 PM BP 22A Salis Goldey Blooms
5:10 PM BP 21S Del Tech DVU Essex
5:50 PM I/O 21S 22A All
6:00 PM GAME 21S 22A All
6:45 PM BP 17UP Sciences WAC CNU
7:10 PM BP 22N SMC Salis VWU
7:50 PM I/O 17UP 22N All
8:00 PM GAME 17UP 22N All


– Everyone entering stadium must wear masks and sign COVID forms before entering
– Anyone feeling sick or ill is not permitted to attend the event
– All fans/players are asked to socially distance in stands atleast six feet apart when watching the games
– If not on the playing field, you must wear a mask when not sitting down
– Limit congregations
– Please pick up all trash left while watching the games

– Home team will occupy 3B dugout/side, Away team will occupy 1B dugout/side
– Home team hits BP 1 hour and 15 minutes before game in tunnel on 1B side for 25 minutes
– Away team hits BP 50 minutes before game in tunnel on 1B side for 25 minutes
– Both teams will immediately begin to stretch/warmup/throw on their side of field as soon as BP finishes
– Teams will throw and get loose down the lines on their side of field while the current game is playing. Please move down the line to throw
– Starting pitchers need to be ready to start throwing in bullpen on their side as soon as I/O starts
– I/O will consist of the following for outfielders: (1) OF throws to 2B, (1) OF throws to 3B, (1) OF throw to C
– I/O will consist of the following for infielders: (2) INF throws to 1B, (1) double play turn, (1) slow roller throw to 1B
– Once I/O ends, home team will immediately take the field

– Any bats can be used that are legal. Wood or metal bats are ok
– Balls hit in foul territory and in stands/parking lot must be retrieved by players on that side of field
– All teams must hit between 11-12 hitters in batting lineup
– Unlimited defensive substitutions. Players can be in field and not in batting lineup
– No pitcher can throw more than 5 innings over the course of the weekend
– Gametime is 1 hour, 50 minutes. Drop Dead at 1 hour, 50 minutes
– All innings are to be played out as normal. 3 outs. Players must take the base on a HBP.

– All players must immediately take their items out of the dugout upon conclusion of the game
– All postgame talks must take place off of the field


Bloomsburg, Salisbury, Virginia Wesleyan, Washington College, Goldey Beacom, St. Marys, Essex, Christopher Newport, University of Sciences, Delaware Tech  Eastern, Delaware Valley, Penn State New Kensington, Immaculata, Bryant Stratton, Chesapeake, Lackawanna, Lincoln (PA)