Hit League

The Delmarva Aces are pleased to bring back HIT LEAGUE for the 2019-20 offseason. Teams will be broken down into groups of six players and play in one-hour games between two sessions. Ages 7U to 18U.

All players can play … do not have to be associated with the Delmarva Aces to enter. Choose your own teams! Or we can place you on one of the teams as well. All games will take place on Monday nights inside the Aces Facility. Please make sure to read below for full information of the league.

Session #1
Nov. 18, Nov. 25, Dec. 2, Dec. 9, Jan. 13, Jan. 20 (playoffs)

Session #2
Jan. 27, Feb. 3, Feb. 10, Feb. 17, Feb. 24, Mch 2 (playoffs)

Cost: $125


  • One hour games with rotating schedule (6 week schedule)
  • Team T-shirts for each session
  • Hittrax usage with weekly reports
  • IronMike pitching machine
  • Follow along live on big screen at facility
  • Social media shoutouts and weekly posts
  • Website updates with schedule, standings and statistics
  • Payments Accepted: Cash, check or electronicFor checks, please write checks out to Delmarva Aces


5-6 Royals vs Twins
6-7 Mariners vs Tigers
7-8 Giants vs Tigers
WK 2
5-6 Tigers vs Mariners
6-7 Royals vs Mariners
7-8 Giants vs Twins
WK 3
5-6 Twins vs Mariners
6-7 Giants vs Tigers
7-8 Giants vs Royals
WK 4
5-6 Royals vs Tigers
6-7 Royals vs Twins
7-8 Giants vs Mariners
WK 5
5-6 Giants vs Royals
6-7 Twins vs Tigers
7-8 Twins vs Mariners
WK 6
5-6 Gm 1) Twins vs Tigers
6-7 Gm 2) Mariners vs Royals
7-8 Gm 3) Giants vs Winner/ Gm 1
8-9 Gm 4) Winner/ Gm 2 vs Winner/ Gm 3


5-6 Braves vs Rays
6-7 White Sox vs Padres
Wk 2 (2/3)
5-6 Padres vs Rays
6-7 White Sox vs Braves
Wk 3 (2/10)
5-6 Rays vs White Sox
6-7 Padres vs Braves
Wk 4 (2/17)
5-6 Braves vs Rays
6-7 White Sox vs Padres
Wk 5 (2/24)
5-6 Padres vs Rays
6-7 Braves vs White Sox
Wk 6 (3/2) Playoffs
5-6 2 seed vs 3 seed
6-7 1 seed vs 4 seed
7-8 Championship Winner of 2/3 vs Winner of 1/4


Mason James 11U Twins
AJ Kolb 14U Mariners
Gavin Luffman 10U Giants
Landon Daniel 11U Giants
Nathan Silva 14U Mariners
Connor Griffin 12U Twins
Keagan Shump 13U Tigers
Aaden Johnson 11U Giants
Roman Keith 15U Mariners
Matt Givens 11U Twins
Briggs Pugner 14U Mariners
Mason Mills 11U Twins
Gavin Smith 10U Royals
Reed Holliday 11U Giants
Ronan Diaz 10U Royals
Charlie Briddell 13U Tigers
Alex Kidd 14U Mariners
Leandro Cruz 7U Royals
Jamie Bender 15U Mariners
Gary Lewis 13U Tigers
Julian Zimmer 13U Tigers
Daylen Linton 11U Giants
David Kristunas 13U Tigers
Bryce Baker 10U Royals
Jason Smullen 12U Twins
Justin Dodson 11U Royals


Charlie Briddell 13u Padres
Connor Griffin 12u Rays
Alex Kidd 14u White Sox
AJ Kolb 14u White Sox
Lewis Tackacs 11u Rays
Nathan Silva 14u White Sox
David Kristunas 13u Rays
Gavin Luffman 10u Braves
Trey Parks 13u Padres
Sean McCyrstal 13u Padres
Waylon Watson 11u Rays
Ethan Wilson 12u Padres
Justin Dodson 11u Braves
Bryce Baker 10u Braves
Ronan Diaz 10u Braves